Why in the Hell Did God Do That? Dealing with Horrifying Biblical Images

Course Description

God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac and other horrifying images of God in the Old Testament, like God fuming with rage at Israelite sins or ordering the Israelites not to spare anyone in battle to secure Israel’s future in the Promised Land are troublesome and need to be addressed properly in response to modern sensibilities. This course will not only answer specific well-known passages that people often cite for not wishing to believe in God but will also provide you with some keys to deal with other troubling passages you may encounter in the future.


Tom Vresics has presented at every S.A.C.R.E.D. since founding the event 20 years ago. He is a speaker for the Wilmington diocese on topics dealing with the Bible and Salesian Spirituality as has written books and articles on the same. He has also started a Salesian men’s prayer group that meets one Saturday each month called SLAM (Salesian Lay Association for Men). It currently has over 150 members with chapters in Wilmington, Philadelphia, Georgetown, District of Columbia and the Lehigh Valley.