The Antidote for Church Scandal: Tips for Building Christian Community

Course Description

Today, even life long, dyed in the wool Catholics are questioning their level of involvement in the Church in light of recent Church scandals. You may be one of them or you may be in a position where you are responsible for helping others grow in faith as a Pastor, DRE, Deacon, catechist, parent or lay minister. We will examine twelve specific keys to building stronger connections and more well knit Christian Communities in our parishes, schools and families. These keys range from how to make personal invitations that work to strategies for developing organic networks that produce an atmosphere of welcome and involvement.


Tom Vresics has presented at every S.A.C.R.E.D. since founding the event 19 years ago. He is a speaker for the Wilmington diocese on topics dealing with the Bible and Salesian Spirituality as has written books and articles on the same. He has also started a Salesian men’s prayer group that meets one Saturday each month called SLAM (Salesian Lay Association for Men). It currently has over 150 members with chapters in Wilmington, Philadelphia, Georgetown, District of Columbia and the Lehigh Valley.