Surviving Bad Liturgy: Keeping Your Focus on Christ

Course Description

It is easy to get distracted from the supernatural event happening during each and every liturgy by poorly prepared homilies, fellow parishioners' lack of liturgical etiquette as well as the difficulties of modern life that distract us truly encountering the Risen Jesus in the Mass. This course will offer a few ways for all of us to focus more on our "encounter with the Risen Jesus" during each Mass. This can be accomplished by 1) adjusting our overall approach to the Liturgy and 2) focusing upon a few spiritual realities during key points of the Mass. This course is for those who attend Mass frequently but also for those who have by driven away from attending Mass due to bad liturgies.


Dan Grossano has seen a change in his own life from attending Mass out of routine to prioritizing this privileged encounter with Christ. After a deeper conversion in college, he went on to serve as a FOCUS (The Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionary at The George Washington University from 2010-2013. After FOCUS, he pursued his master's degree in theology with a concentration in Catholic evangelization from Seton Hall University. He currently serves as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at the Church of the Little Flower in Berkeley Heights, NJ.