#EcoFortnight! Theological and Practical Reflections in Response to Laudato Si

Course Description

Pope Francis calls each of us to have an “ecological transformation”. In this course, we consider theological principles that inform our ecological transformation, especially in response to the urgent need for environmental change. We also offer practical ways (e.g., the #EcoFortnight Challenge) for implementing ecological transformation in our daily lives as Christians who are called to care for our common home.


Audra Lee teaches ethics at Villanova University. She is one of the Catherine of Siena Teaching Fellows in the Villanova Ethics Program. Audra earned her PhD in Philosophy from St. Louis University and her work focuses on human flourishing and the ethics of disability. Audra spoke on the role of women in the church at last year’s S.A.C.R.E.D. conference. Audra enjoys running – especially in Valley Forge Park – cycling, and spending quality time with Nick.

Nick Lee teaches in the Religious Studies department at Salesianum School. He is a loyal Cardinals Baseball fan from St. Louis, MO. Nick earned his Masters in Theology and Religious Education from St. Louis University. Nick spoke on “the rise of the nones” at last year’s S.A.C.R.E.D. conference. Nick enjoys debating ethical, religious, and philosophical issues with his wife, cycling to local breweries, and reading G. K. Chesterton.