Advice from De Sales about Living in a Less Than Ideal Church


Although De Sales ministered and lived in the 17th century, Francis de Sales is a model for being Church in the 21st Century. Having experienced the Church of the Reformation / Counter-Reformation, De Sales offered advice to his flock four centuries ago that is still applicable today. Problems and questions Francis de Sales’ contemporaries faced are often experienced by today’s Catholic Christian as well. The turmoil that enveloped the Church pre and post Trent is quite similar to the issues of the pre and post Vatican II Catholic Community. Through words and writings our patron saint direction, guidance, solace, and answers will be discovered for the Catholic Christian of today and tomorrow in order to continue to Live +Jesus!


Deacon William Johnston has been a teacher in the Theology Department of St. Mark’s High School for the last 38 years and retired in June, 2018. He formerly taught Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick for the Diocese of Wilmington. He is a graduate of DeSales University and St Charles Borromeo Seminary. Currently, Deacon Johnston is assigned to Church of the Holy Child, serves as the chaplain to the Emergency Medical Services Department at St. Francis Healthcare, and is also an advocate for the Tribunal of the Diocese of Wilmington.